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How You Can Contribute to to Make it Better?

How You Can Contribute to to Make it Better? My rating: 5 out of 5

How You Can Contribute to to Make it Better?

Hi my dear friends. I am very excited to announce that our project becomes better and better day by day. As you see, every week we are adding a lot of new templates and plugins that are not elsewhere on the internet.

But, it is very important to emphasize that our project is not one of the most visited website. Suppose there are three levels of popular websites: low, medium and high. We are located between low and medium, and this is the saddest thing.

There are a lot of websites similar to our one that are ranked higher in Google but they do not provide even download links and what is interesting they are fully filled with ads, popunders, shortlink services and other annoying things.

It is pure evident once more traffic will arrive at our website more memberships will be purchased and more new items will be purchased and shared here on website.

There are few easy steps you need to follow to contribute:

1. Like Our Facebook Page

If you are not already liked our page just do it right now. Our Facebook Fan Page -> You will get the latest news in a fast way. Also, more likes == more top positions in Facebook search.

2. Like Every Facebook Post and Leave Comments

It is not enough just to like our fan page. Every time we post new things on Facebook just press a like button and leave any comment you like. At the moment there is a poor activity on the Facebook Fan Page but I’m working to enhance it.

Simple words like “Thank you” or anything else will be appreciated. Remember, more social activity == more interested persons == more memberships == more items.

3. Leave Comments for Items on Our Website, Share Posts on Your Own Facebook Timeline

Dears, we need more activity! All is in our hands, just be more social and friendly. Give help in comments to our members, ask anything you like, say simple words like “Thank you” or “Nice Share”, don’t hesitate to write about your ideas that will enhance our project.

4. Purchase Membership Even if Your Don’t Need Something at the Moment

Yes, yes, you can do it. Trust me, I don’t spend money from subscriptions for my own needs. Every dollar goes back in items.

We are most unique website at the moment, we have a lot of items that are not elsewhere on the internet.

We don’t sew viruses and hidden backlinks or what is worst reverse shells. All items are pure clean! Want adventures? Try to download something from JojoThemes.

Don’t be afraid to purchase memberships if you don’t need it for a moment. We permanently purchasing new things and maybe one of the purchasing item will interest you or will wake up a new startup idea.

I’m like you, doing money by creating websites for my customers and also SEO services. I’m totally like you because I’m working with web and I need awesome themes and plugins for my new clients.

5. Tell About Our Website to Your Friends

It would be the most awesome thing from the world if you will invite your friends to join our community. Tell everybody about us, everybody should know about

Let your friends join our membership, don’t give them items for FREE because it will not enhance any part of us.

6. LAST! Make Little Donations on Our Innovative Project

Yes my friends, still remember simple math 20 * 3 == 60 ? Like that we are working, 20 members donating 3$ and we are purchasing awesome 60$ theme from ThemeForest and not only from ThemeForest. Simple? Sure!

There are lot of positive moments from donation. Once you donate you will get unlimited access to download link for donated item and also every update will be available for you fast. But imagine now 100 members donating 3$, we obtain 300$. Well, 5 awesome Themes could be purchased just in one day.

Join “Little Donations” on the next our project website:, check for new items day bay day, and don’t forget to donate even if you don’t need it.

Thank you for reading above steps and keep follow them. Without help of community it is very hard to grow. It’s not depend only from me how fast I will update themes or when would be added new items.

I’m super motivated when members are joining membership. Success motivate me very hard. When I’m motivated I’m doing great things for community. As you probably observed, mostly all items from website are updated.

Obligatorily leave a comment under this post, lets see how great community we are.

Best regards from Administration!

Just DO IT!

Article written by dudecmsadmin


Hi there! I`m admin of community where I share everything from web. I'm interested more in web design.

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  1. Avatar
    privetivan1974 Reply

    Hello dear administrator! You have a very good site. I have to buy your membership not so often. All is well, but still would be constantly updated VirtuemartTemplates and Regular Labs, it would certainly be great. It was possible to subscribe for a year. For me this is not very important, since I’m interested in individual files, but still wanted to say. You would still make a category where there would be recent updates. So people would be more convenient to browse and would be convinced that your site is constantly updating templates and extensions, and not just adding to the site for 10-15 templates per month. Sorry, but I expressed my point of view. It’s up to you anyway. Thank you

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello privetivan1974.
      Thank you a lot for your point of view.
      At the moment there is still hard for us to update all items from website permanently, but we are working on it.
      VirtuemartTemplates and Regular Labs are awesome developers, we will update/share them soon.
      We are planning to add more Joomla Template and extensions in future.
      About section with updates is a nice idea, I will think about it and will do changes on site.
      Best regards.

  2. Avatar
    JohnKreed Reply

    Hi admin.
    I am WordPress fun, developer and coder. I love all your posts about WP.
    I observed your latest shares WoodMart, Slider and other…totally thumb up from me.
    I’m with you for 2 years, a lot of websites were made with items from here.
    Keep it up and never give up. Project is useful for us, you are doing perfect things.
    Also, as you probably observed I’m actively making donations, just donated for
    Regards from Austria.

  3. Avatar
    Livingstone Reply

    Hello dude,

    I quite appreciate your effort and I would have loved to donate more outside of my monthly subscriptions but am not happy with what you are doing with Joomla templates. Am a joomla fan and designer but unfortunately you hardly deliver latest or updated versions of Joomla template rather you only change them to latest versions to deceive. It demoralizes me. If you can deal faithfully and honestly us Joomla lovers, I believe we can do more to support….


    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello Livingstone.
      Thanks for your point of view.
      We, administration team, don’t modify any item version without upgrading archive.
      Send me some links to see if it is really as you described.
      There may be some instances when developers of templates are modifying only version for some purposes but I didn’t meet such thing.
      Best regards.

  4. Avatar
    Axel Reply

    Hi dude! I am very grateful to you for you great work and contributions. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Argentina.

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hola mi amigo Axel.
      Thank you for your kind words, we are doing our best to make happy our community.
      Feel free to use anything from website. If you need help just let me know.
      Best regards.

  5. Avatar
    Barbara Reply

    You guys are a godsend for a one-woman business trying to lift off. Thank you for your great innovative idea. It saves me so much.

  6. Avatar
    SImon Reply

    This is good.

  7. Avatar
    milad Reply

    please check this site:
    maybe you saw this before.
    many of their template are update. and many company like warp and rsjoomla and … are supported.
    one of things that you can do for becoming better and better is supporting all things.
    and one thing another is having advanced search system.

  8. Avatar
    Luiz Reply

    What if the theme only allow to import demo content with activation key? Some developers do have this in their theme.

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello Luiz
      Yes, in this case you need to find a way how to avoid verification and bypass activation.
      For these things you need good skills in PHP language.
      Also, you can find guys who are pro at nulling and they are ready to help you.
      Sometimes I’m doing nulling from myself and share “how to” with members.
      Where you did find trouble with activation? Which item? Attach a link in reply.
      Thank you.

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