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Codecanyon Universal Android WebView App Download

Codecanyon Universal Android WebView App Download

Codecanyon Universal Android WebView App is the best selling, top rated webview application on Envato Market. Its easily customizable and full of great features. With our excellent support, creating app for a website has never been easier!

WebView App is styled in Material design and follows the official design guidelines. You can choose one of 10 color themes. App was developed in Android Studio. It supports mobiles and tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0.3) and newer.

There is a customizable navigation drawer menu with a hamburget button. 30 menu icons are included. You can also share a text information to social networks. You can refresh the website with pull-to-refresh gesture. Progress bar will be shown if the page is loading. App also supports local pages available in offline mode.

App supports Intents. You can add a special link to your HTML file and you will be able to run appropriate external app to ferform some action – e.g. send an e-mail or call. This app supports a download manager, as well as uploading files. There is a file picker for that. You can also use geolocation for receiving current position of the device. You can monetize your app with AdMob. There is a banner on bottom of the page. You can also show interstitial ad. Ads can be disabled in the configuration.

Analytics gives you key insights that help drive the evolution of your mobile app. It shows you exactly how people are using your product. App supports push notifications. You can send unlimited amount of notifications for free via OneSignal notification service.

App can be used on mobiles, but also on tablets. It is fully responsive and works in portrait and landscape modes. App can handle orientation change correctly. Finally, Codecanyon Universal Android WebView App is well documented. Code is clean, consistent, easily configurable and customizable.

Universal Android WebView App Features

  • App was developed with Android Studio & Gradle
  • Navigation drawer menu with optional categories (easily customizable)
  • Fast and powerful webview engine based on the Chromium
  • Progress bar when loading the page
  • Push notifications (, GCM)
  • Responsive design (portrait, landscape, handling orientation change)
  • Multi-language support
  • Top quality clean code created by experienced senior Android developer
  • Possibility to build the project without Android Studio / Eclipse (using Gradle & Android SDK)

Universal Android WebView App Version

8 April 21

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Article written by dudecmsadmin


Hi there! I`m admin of community where I share everything from web. I'm interested more in web design.

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  1. Avatar
    Akash Reply

    Where is the link to download

  2. Avatar
    Akash Reply

    Can i get version 2.2.0

  3. Avatar
    Ahmet Reply

    Hello. Thank you very much for sharing. It was very busy. Could you please share other applications? I think you also have a mobile application section on your site. Thank you.

  4. Avatar
    Anita Reply

    What is the PURCHASE_CODE to set here ?

  5. Avatar
    andr Reply

    When i open the app, say that purchase code is invalid.

  6. dudecmsadmin
    dudecmsadmin Reply

    Guys, you need to null it. Do you have skills in PHP? I don’t have time to null it at the moment, maybe in future.

  7. dudecmsadmin
    dudecmsadmin Reply

    Guys, I will try to NULL it and will share all steps for successful null.
    I see this app is very popular there, so, for community it will be very helpful.
    If someone nulled it share steps here please.
    Regards guys.

    • Avatar
      Anita Reply

      Have you successfully nulled it ? Please help , it’s asking for purchase_code while i’m not having any .

      • dudecmsadmin
        dudecmsadmin Reply

        HI Anita.

        Just took a look at the application and it can be nulled with ease.

        For first, in ~/Desktop/webviewapp-2.2.0/mobile/src/main/java/com/robotemplates/webviewapp exists java file

        Open it and you will see:

        – public static final String PURCHASE_CODE = “XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX”;

        This purchase code is used in ~/Desktop/webviewapp-2.2.0/mobile/src/main/java/com/robotemplates/webviewapp/

        Take a look at:
        – Kozuza.initWebViewApp(this, WebViewAppConfig.PURCHASE_CODE);

        This is a static function of the class Kozuza that is available in the following path:
        – ~/Desktop/webviewapp-2.2.0/mobile/libs/config.aar

        Extract this archive config.aar and you will find classes.jar where are Kozuza class where purchase code is processed.

        You couldn’t edit .jar file simple because it is a byte file, compiled. You need to download special Java Class Decompiler

        After installing, open classes.jar with installed application and open Kozuza.class you will see all program logic.

        Now we need to think how to null it, I see author had used obfuscation to harder detect main class logic.

        Do you have programming skills? I don’t have much time to play with it. Maybe somebody from our community can join us?

        • Avatar
          Mas Bro Reply

          try this, just don’t include “import com.robotem…kozuza” on all .java file

          greetings from Indonesian

          • dudecmsadmin

            Thanks a lot Mas Bro

          • Avatar
            Niaz Mohammad

            Mas Bro,

            Did removing “import com.robotem…kozuza” on all .java file work for you?!

            If I do it throws a bunch of errors as WebViewApp class extends BaseApplication which is a .class and is read-only (meaning not writable or editable).
            Please help
            email me please

          • Avatar
            Msh Shamim

            can you share details?

  8. Avatar
    adword Reply

    Hi Admin,
    I liked seeing your dedication.

  9. Avatar
    Anita Reply

    I was unable to understand how to null it, so can you please provide me the latest release (v4) of this one ?

    Thanks in advance .

  10. Avatar
    Adword Reply

    Pls update latest version 2.3
    Thanks in Advance.

  11. Avatar
    JKdoe Reply

    New version is AS3.
    updated november 06.
    pls check.

  12. Avatar
    JKdoe Reply

    Hi Admin,
    Update, latest version AS3.

  13. Avatar
    jkdoe Reply

    Great Man,
    Share it,

  14. Avatar
    ajay Reply

    where is the link new update pls help

  15. Avatar
    ajay Reply

    pls provide new update link pls help

  16. Avatar
    ajay Reply

    this update version is currepted sir ji not open in android studio

  17. Avatar
    ajay Reply

    how can we deal of purchase code and blocked app

    how can use this produt publishing anpp caz always ask for purchase code any solution

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      There are two ways:
      – Do null for app, you need Java skills for that
      – Purchase it from author
      We don’t give purchase code for obvious reasons.

  18. Avatar
    ajay Reply

    do you have any version or code witch can be used by us to make product

  19. Avatar
    Vistor Reply

    Very Thanks.

  20. Avatar
    Arslan 10227 Reply

    I have its nulled code of latest version. Purchase code verification is bypassed. That means you can create as many app as you want. If any one want it I can give it to you.

    • Avatar
      Jessica Reply

      Hi Arslan, would it be possible for you to share how did you null the code verification? Thank you, Jessica

  21. Avatar
    Choudhary Abdullah Reply

    On the verge of cracking it.

  22. Avatar
    ron Reply

    please share the nulled version here.

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