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MTDb – Download Ultimate Movie&TV Database

MTDb - Download Ultimate Movie&TV Database

MTDb allows you to easily create your own fully functional Movies and TV shows site in minutes with zero coding knowledge.

If a user searches for a movie or series you dont have in database yet, MTDb will fetch it all by itself automatically and display it to the user.

All you need to do is enter your MySQL database details and MTDb will do the rest, create your schema, admin account and even get you started with some movies, news and trailers. No need to register for any api keys if you dont want to!

MTDbs advanced membership system comes with social google, twitter and facebook login as well as email login and account activation, user profiles complete with watchlist, favorite movies and much more.

You can easily translate every single word that you see on any of the MTDb pages, as well as meta descriptions and keywords. Supports multiple translations that you can switch whenever you want and easy pluralization.

You maybe want to stock your database with thousands of movies/series fast? No problem, with MTDbs advanced batch scrapers all you have to do is select data source, restrictions(release date, minimum rating etc) hit the scrape button and MTDb will fetch all available movies/series that matches your criteria.

In MTDbs custom admin dashboard you can finetune your site by changing page and slider backgrounds, data and search provides, colors, url separators, you can also create new user groups, ban users, delete movies, manually update your data and much more.

Whenever a user types more then 2 characters into search field, MTDb will fetch the 4 best matches from database, order them by popularity and display as dropdown under search field. User can then click these suggestions to navigate to that titles page.

PHP Script Features

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Fetch Movies / TV in Bulk
  • Script Template is 100% Responsive
  • Translation is Ready
  • Membership System
  • Easy Installation
  • Movie / Actor / TV Pages
  • This Script is SEO Optimized
  • Movie / Series Suggestions
  • Powerful Filtering Options
  • Social Login
  • Use as a CMS
  • Fully Automated


29 November 20

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100% Money Back Guarantee, no recurring payments

Warning! Do not trust other websites, they share VIRUSES and MALWARE, you risk to be hacked!

Really helpful page thanks to admin
The best site for all these projects

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    BranchDov Reply

    Dude you are crazy cool. Script is awesome and you too. Thanks for your website, a lot of sweeties here.

    I had some doubts when for first visit you website, but now im convinced that all here is true and nice.

    Im expert in viruses and i would like to say that this script is clean like water.

    • dudecmsadmin
      dudecmsadmin Reply

      Hello BranchDov.
      I would say to you big thank. If you need something just give a feedback in Contact Us.

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