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JA Property – Download Advanced Real Estate Joomla Template

JA Property – Download Advanced Real Estate Joomla Template My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Property - Download Advanced Real Estate Joomla Template

JA Property Template for Joomla relies on the convenience and aesthetics of real estate presentation and wins the heart of the client. Imagine a potential tenant or buyer of real estate. He expects to find the perfect accommodation, wants a maximum of amenities and an affordable price. For the buyer, perhaps this is generally the main purchase of a lifetime.

But there are many dubious options, and getting something unsightly in the end is a big risk. The responsibility of the task goes off scale, and it is unlikely that anyone will come to a decision quickly and frivolously.

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What is important for the client in this case? The first is trust. The place of search should cause comfort and confidence that the action will be taken here. Everything should be presented at the highest level. Secondly, reliability. There should be guarantees of the quality of the result; searches on bulletin boards are too dubious. Thirdly, convenience and information. The user receives open and comprehensive information about real estate, which can be deepened by a call to a realtor or manager.

How to implement this as part of the website of a real estate agency? You should install Property template for Joomla by JoomlArt. Let’s consider all its features further.

JA Property is a template designed for real estate agency websites. It allows you to create a convenient internal database of available objects that the user can evaluate on the site in a storefront format. The developers emphasized the simplicity and information content of the information, and the product card provides everything necessary for the initial decision-making, both in an emotional and in a practical context.

Integrations with maps, search tools included. Everything is done for maximum user convenience. A separate plus is the powerful site optimization for any platform and mobile device. The visitor not only receives all the information of interest, but also does not experience discomfort in the search process. All search solutions are intuitive, visual and quickly loaded. Create a user experience that will make your client’s dream closer to reality!

Functional minimalism rules the design of JA Property. A site visitor needs to focus on offers and information about it. This means a minimum of unnecessary visual elements, clean white backgrounds and large open spaces between information blocks. But pure minimalism does not sell, and here subtle decisions come into play to decorate the pages of the template.

This is how high-resolution photos appear as connecting blocks, visually stylish goods cards with photos and clearly presented textual information, and so on. Everything is in its place and gives the potential client a complete set of information, text and media. In addition, the text is presented as much as needed for informational content and lack of a feeling of congestion on the page.

Additional colors of the pages are several shades of blue, as well as cream color. This is manifested in the graphics and functional design elements, for example, search cells and active buttons. There is one kind of color scheme for the template.

The user is offered all the standard pages for presenting a business: a rich home screen with an appeal and a large photo field, a section about us, blocks of benefits and advantages with small paragraphs of text next to illustrative material, and so on.

The focus is on the functional search unit for all the given parameters: type of real estate, price range, location, number of rooms and so on. Sorting is fast even with a large database of real estate. The second special element is the catalog of affordable real estate, which provides quick thesis and media information about each property.

JoomlArt Property solves all the issues and pains of a real estate agency in the context of presenting goods and services to a client. This is a fast and functional template that will solve all your problems.

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