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ThemeForest Newsmag – Download Magazine WordPress Theme

ThemeForest Newsmag – Download Magazine WordPress Theme My rating: 5 out of 5

ThemeForest Newsmag - Download Magazine WordPress Theme

ThemeForest Newsmag is a modern theme for WordPress which will suit for publishing articles, news, and posts. It is perfect for creating some news portals, informational online magazines, online newspapers as well as for the sites with their reviews and rating systems.

The developers have been improving and optimizing the theme for a long time both its technical side (an official Speed Booster technology) and its SEO opportunities to create an impressive and effective product for all the users. Download Newsmag theme and make your site attractive.

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One of the key features of the theme is its 6 preset design styles with the unique design. You can choose a prepared solution for your site after downloading or buying the design using some additional theme settings. The colors and all their characteristics can be adjusted to your taste.

The first style is Default. It’s a standard or basic variant which is characterized by its minimalism that always works. It doesn’t have any irritating or bright components; it will suit for some political portal or a blog about the essential and serious things. The reader will feel a relief and calmness during reading the pages of such a site. Default is also a good variant for some official and non-entertaining resources because it represents the strict and unemotional message and make the same picture for the viewers.

The second style is Fashion. It’s a vivid and breathtaking variant that is suitable for some resources about fashion or beauty. Such a platform doesn’t pay any attention to the seriousness of news, it’s created for attracting the reader’s attention and promoting several goods. Due to its SEO features it is a brilliant example because all the advantages of your site will be seen at once.

The third style is Tech, and, as you can guess, it will be suitable for those who want to influence properly on the fans of digital technology, gadgets, and other devices. It differs in the system of its construction because all the lines and colors convey the atmosphere of the new age, something modern and acute. It’s understandable because new technologies are developing very fast, so this style tries to correspond with them.

The fourth one is Video. It’s an amusing variant for people who are fond of creating their videos or have a wish to push YouTube back from its top positions. It is fulfilled with the dark tones for better conditions while watching. This style is chosen by the talented people with a lot of inspiration who also want to make their platform comfortable and attractive for the others.

The fifth style is Sport which is designed for the fans of sports news. The strict lines and the dynamic features of a picture provoke the users to have some exciting feelings. It will suit the resources connected, for example, with the results of the Olympic games or the scores of the football match. In general, this style was made for people who cannot imagine their life without sport.

The sixth style is Blog. It’s a classic variant for creating some personal and intimate content. Your stories from life will be readable and enjoyable for everyone. The colors are nice and attractive, they make the user feel some “home atmosphere” as he is speaking with their close friend or family. It is one of the most simple and understandable styles.

All the people who download Newsmag theme consider that it has its unique features which can be perceived as the advantages. Speaking about flexible and comfortable tools for creating the design one should mention the fact that the beginners can make the pages by simply dragging blocks onto the pages and configuring CSS without any coding skills. While the more experienced users can change everything in a few minutes and easily develop a complex page architecture. It will ease the process for both new and skilled users to understand quickly how to manage with it.

The other useful feature is that the theme includes a built-in slider gallery that can display the images with the different ratios of width, and it allows you to write a description and some copyright information on each picture. Another way to visually attract visitors is to demonstrate your work with style. Newsmag comes with a customizable lightbox and provides great features for the users. The theme allows us to set a video as recommended and automatically loads a thumbnail of it. It’s very comfortable. The users who download ThemeForest Newsmag theme can also share YouTube or Vimeo videos in their articles.

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11 December 20

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