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JA Conference – Download Events Template for Joomla

JA Conference – Download Events Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Conference - Download Events Template for Joomla

JA Conference makes good events legendary from the first glance. Are you planning to organize an event or a conference? Let’s guess: you need visitors. To be more precise, you need to sell tickets, or simply attract an audience to the event. Whatever the profile of the event, it will not take place without interested people.

What do you need for your searches? A competent and attractive invitation as part of marketing. And one of the key tools for success is the personal site of the conference, which will provide the visitor with all the information and give an accurate answer to the question why he should be there.

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A typical site is not enough in this case. You need a well-aimed one-page page that attracts attention, stimulates interest and consequently leads to the completion of the conversion action. This is what will help implement the Conference template for Joomla by JoomlArt.

Conference is designed specifically to sell tickets to events of any type, or to provide information support for events. In other words, an advertisement brings a visitor here, he sees a problem or opportunity, a solution (your event), works through doubts through confidence tools and comes to the button for registering or buying tickets.

Yes, that’s right, we are talking about a one-page site. And the developers created a simple and convenient solution for building the site block by block. Such a website can even create a complete beginner, and it will be an effective solution in any case. The abundance of valuable design and technical solutions will help to organize a quality conversion. But do not forget that you need a quality event and a good reason to invite a guest to your place. This begins the legendary event.

And in addition, we note that the template is available for all screen resolutions and adapted for mobile devices. An important value of the product is the technical component of the template, which provides a quick response with a sufficiently large number of resource-intensive elements on the pages.

The site design brought together all the best and useful things that are used on classic single-page selling events. The developers declared war on boredom and saturated the pages with juicy and slightly sharp color combinations that draw attention to the content with a magnet. An additional element of the field of interest are non-boring fonts that look appropriate even in white on a dark background in some color schemes of the template.

As for color schemes, the developers took care of the variety. You have six options to choose from, and each of them is significantly different from the previous one, but does not spoil the overall harmony of the template. This means that each owner of the Conference will be able to choose the best solution for their target audience.

The basic color scheme offers dark blue backgrounds, white fonts and graphics, animation and additional elements in dark red shades. Brutalism scheme is a bold contrasting combination of a poisonous green background and completely black elements of content and graphics. Dark is black backgrounds, white texts and orange functional elements. Minimal offers a discreet combination of white background and black texts, Purple provides dark blue, white and purple combination, Retro is a combination of cream and dark gray, respectively.

JA Conference offers everything necessary for the visitor to see the information, not get bored and make the final action in the end. The template provides the user with presentation blocks through photos and embedding videos. It also includes visual tools for basic event information and ticket booking. Flexible integration with social networks is also an important component, and a wide range of blocks will make it possible to implement any idea of the user as a whole.

A large number of functional elements that were originally thought out for use on the event site page is the secret to the success of the Conference template in its narrow specialization.

Compatibility of JA Conference with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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