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JA Playschool – Download Kindergarten Joomla Template

JA Playschool – Download Kindergarten Joomla Template My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Playschool - Download Kindergarten Joomla Template

If you want to create a website for a children’s site, use any template. If you want your parents to see and remember you, use JA Playschool. The demand for private kindergartens is high. It is difficult to stand out among competitors, and responsible parents very carefully choose a place of study for their baby.

Your kindergarten must meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness of educational programs. It should be comfortable and cozy. These are obvious and averaged conditions under which parents will gladly send their child to study.

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Therefore, the emotional factor plays a legitimate role along with the actual quality of the kindergarten. How to present the idea to your parents that your institution is better than others? Introduce confidence tools that hit the heart.

Catchy appeals, a clear presentation of factual information is what is needed in this case. And a quality official website creates volume trust. But here a bright and convincing template is important. JA Playschool template for Joomla by JoomlArt is made for this purpose.

JA Playschool is a template for Joomla platform, which allows user to create a thematic site for kindergarten. Developers offer a lot of options for pages and blocks for presenting content, which provide parents with information about the kindergarten, and also carry an image-selling function to attract new clients.

The main emphasis is on a juicy and catchy visual presentation of services and news. But subtle site optimization for all platforms and mobile devices plays a particularly important role. This is a convenient, full-featured and effective solution for a private business in a specific niche. Lots of plug-ins will help expand the functionality to the required level.

You get a site that is simply nice to be on. And this is a key factor in attracting attention. The basic concept is a kindergarten with a focus on the physical development of the child, but the template can be adapted from any point of view in this niche.

Design template kicks in emotions. The visual gamut is made in bright and contrasting colors, where all the basic colors are presented. In combination with playful fonts, a children’s effect is created that enhances the potential client’s interest.

Background images of the template’s pages are almost completely devoid of “white” restraint. Soft pastel colors of individual blocks intersect with blocks of background photos or bright color schemes with concise graphics in a children’s style. Developers strive to show a minimum of text in order to prevent overloading the presentation of the kindergarten with details that they will not immediately read. Only a minimum of basic information and as many spectacular photographs, graphics, appeals and abstracts as possible.

Buttons and other functional elements of the site are made in different bright colors, but the main focus is on carrot color. It prevails in buttons and menus. Everything is done in such a way that the visitor dispels potential doubts and calls you. That is, he performs the final action.

The sequence of blocks on the pages informs and leads to phone numbers or other tasks that you set. All social media buttons are integrated. Blocks for the integration of photo galleries and videos deserve special attention. Create professional photos and the hearts of visitors will melt. It is important to note that the site supports filling content in languages ​​with spelling from right to left. For example, it is Hebrew and Arabic.

If necessary, you can add modules of various types without problems and make the site load heavier. The user can create separate pages for the main page, a description of the kindergarten, a description of the curriculum and groups, admission conditions, vacancies for employees, a blog, as well as all the necessary technical pages.

JA Playschool breaks the jackpot of attention at a glance. This is a bright and confident template that is bound to become a companion of a cool kindergarten.

Compatibility of JA Playschool with Joomla

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