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JA Fit – Download Gym and Fitness Template for Joomla

JA Fit – Download Gym and Fitness Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Fit - Download Gym and Fitness Template for Joomla

JA Fit Joomla Template will lead your customers to new heights and to you. A healthy lifestyle has become a trend. And it pleases. City dwellers are eager to train, attend sports sections, yoga and fitness courses to deal with routine, inaction and stress.

A person in a big city has many options for visiting gyms, yoga and fitness centers. This is a popular type of service, and demand balances with supply at high rates. Here it’s hard to wedge in a new business or upgrade existing ones in a quality manner.

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But anything is possible. A quality personal website for the gym or health courses is a big deal. Use advertising and search engine results so that an interested person gets to your page. And on the page he will receive a holistic and motivating tour about how he will become more beautiful and healthier. Bring the guest to yourself, give him the best trainers and training programs, and mutually positive results will not keep you waiting!

Fit template for Joomla by JoomlArt invites to pump up the body and calm the soul. Fit is designed for sports sites that provide training hall, fitness, yoga and related activities for physical and spiritual health.

The template has a commercial meaning and allows you to create a flexible representation of thematic business on the Internet. In addition, the template can be issued as a news and information website or blog.

Developers guarantee high-quality optimization for all types of platforms, screens and mobile devices. This will allow to overtake competitors in search engines due to the high performance indicators of the site. The relevant design and all the necessary functional blocks for the convenience of the visitor are presented here.

JoomlArt Fit pleases the visitor at first glance with a juicy and intriguing design that creates a mood of physical activity. Important attention is given to the density of the layout of blocks on the pages, as well as the visual combination of content. Dynamism is the key word in this case.

Contrast creates accents necessary for the perception of photos and textual information. By the way, the emphasis on the texts is minimal, and they complement the media here. The main goal of texts and selected fonts is to quickly perceive appeals. In sports, procrastination is inappropriate, you know. Only determination on the way to beauty and health.

The template offers five color schemes to choose from. The basis of the backgrounds of four of their five schemes is a very black color, which resonates with a very bright color of functional elements. In combination with the emphasized contrasting white color of the fonts, all this creates a sense of dynamics, which we spoke about earlier.

What additional colors are available for integration into the site? Black and white remain unchanged, and you can choose red, blue, green or orange (rather, peach) as the main color. Alternatively, you can try the color scheme with white backgrounds, black texts and the same red color in the design of auxiliary page elements.

JA Fit includes everything you need so that a client of the gym, fitness classes or yoga comes to you regularly. Here you can implement a simple, clear and smart system of information blocks, which leads from a general presentation to achievements (photos of the process and students play a big role!), services and, most importantly, an active schedule. In other words, a simple table displays the current time for classes by certain specialists.

The experts themselves are also not forgotten, and you can add photos with biographies for them, or even a video presentation. A simple blog template will become a cherry on the cake. Take the time to fill it with really useful content.

The site of the gym should be aggressive, rich and convincing. This is the only way motivation for self-perfection is stimulated. This applies even to yoga. Fit provides these feelings in full.

Compatibility of JA Fit with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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