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YooTheme Pro Summit – Download Education Template for Joomla

YooTheme Pro Summit – Download Education Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

YooTheme Pro Summit - Download Education Template for Joomla

What is the YooTheme Pro Summit Joomla template specialization? E-learning has long been known as optional teaching practice, but the concept should be interpreted more broadly. And the bright future of e-learning has not yet arrived.

The ability to get an education without reference to a place is building up the “muscles” in the world of an almost completely free Internet. Perhaps, there is very little left before a breakthrough that can sweep the walls of schools in the future. The average person is supposed to be able to learn what he wants in a more flexible format than in traditional educational institutions.

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Today, there are a certain number of educational platforms that set trends in this niche. But distance education is still filling up as a class. High-quality material and tools are only required for integration into this sphere. One of the good tools for educational centers of this kind is the Joomla template called Summit.

The Summit template offers an easy and practical style that fits perfectly with the concept of educational sites. It is optimally suited for the tasks of online trainers or distance education services.

Summit is a guarantee of informativeness and transparency in the field of alternative education. Great accomplishments begin here, and each coach has the opportunity to present new knowledge to the masses.

What accompanies the flight of thought, new discoveries, ideas, insights? Feeling of freedom and openness to the new. This is what Summer developers tried to present in the design of their creation.

What are the distinctive visual features of this template and what makes it special, eye-catching and relevant to a given theme? Let’s look at the main elements.

First of all, the idea of ​​hand-drawn “pencil” images with a minimum of colors and a maximum of open visual space across the pages. White is the primary color implemented to create a sense of scale. Thin fonts provide the proper focus of information on the background of the “global white space”.

We also note light graphic elements with pronounced intersperses of a “secondary” color. The second color of the scheme (depending on the user’s choice) is soft, pastel, accompanying the overall visual smoothness of the template. Pastel blue, purple, green, red, orange or yellow are available to choose. A small amount of space is reserved for full-color photos, which allows you to put informative emphasis on what you want to say or present.

The YooTheme Pro Summit joomla template follows the ideas of functional minimalism. The developers brought to life the idea of ​​complete practicality and usefulness for the guest through a small number of useful block options. This means that the user can create an educational project site that will help show the basic information and direct the visitor to the conversion action easily.

The blocks of the template include the main page with a presentation of the company (drawings, icons, a small amount of text and graphics, a lot of free space), as well as lists of achievements and the services offered. A simple “About Us” section is also available, which can be limited to a mini description and team photos. Services can also be presented in more detail through a separate block: only text, or text from a photo (everything leads to separate pages). The user’s doubts are worked out through special blocks with graphics, which are designed to help make a decision. Each course can have a separate page, and the user will be able to contact the administration through a minimalistic block of contacts.

The user receives an elegant and effective one-page site. Nothing more, everything works for student’s interest.

The developers took the path of creativity and presented a bold solution in its simplicity. Whether or not to try it, you decide. But Summit template deserves attention in its sphere definitely.

Compatibility of Summit with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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