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JA Good – Download News and Magazine Joomla Template

JA Good – Download News and Magazine Joomla Template My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Good - Download News and Magazine Joomla Template

Are you looking for a universal template for a news site that would help organize a dynamic presentation of 24/7 news on any scale? JA Good template for Joomla by JoomlArt is what you need.

Become a leader in your niche and cover all the news you just need. Show information conveniently and force the reader to linger longer to study more pages. Use these opportunities to keep people on the pulse of events and pay attention to the advertising that is presented on the site. With JA Good template, you have no restrictions on the actions.

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Good template was developed for information websites of all types. You can use it to create an online version of a news newspaper, news aggregator, or niche news site with equally high performance.

The developer offers a simple visual design and a powerful functional arsenal of tools for organizing the space of text and media content. Creating a unique and memorable news site will be easy. It is not necessary to have site building skills for this, everything is intuitively simple.

An important bet is on page loading performance. Everything is optimized at a high level, pages are loaded quickly in any conditions. The mobile version of the site differs from the full one and is characterized by a convenient interface and support for all devices. An important element of the usefulness of an information site is the speed of loading media content. If you regularly post video content, users can easily download it. It does not matter which video player is used.

The developers cast aside the pretentiousness of modern designs of news sites and offered to give the reader what he wants. Content and nothing more. The developers presented dynamic page structures with various options for integrating articles, podcasts and videos.

All this is placed on a laconic white background with no frills. The user sees only what you want to show and is not distracted by anything. Content is presented in simple blocks: photos, text announcements and enough. Each news block and preview has enough space and accents to stand out on the page separately and at the same time remain a single whole element with a common structure.

Bet on a white background, black, easily readable font and laconic beautiful previews playing and winning. The developer offers four options for the template, but these varieties of JA Good have no differences in the context of design.

Developers proposes us to choose one of four functional elements of the site. The main difference is the presentation of news on the start screen and next to it. The user can see in front of him (depending on the choice) on the first screen several news, soldered together with a photo preview, several news in separate blocks with free space around, the main news with mini-previews of others and so on. Better to see once, as they say.

The developers were not too lazy to saturate the template with various formats for arranging news on the page. This allows you to delay the user’s attention to the maximum so that he views as many pages of the site as possible. The user can see a large block of hot news, a division of news blocks by topic (sports, politics, culture, ecology, and so on), sections of selected and popular news for the month (which can be embedded on the side), and so on.

And such a template is easy to pick up, and it will be almost impossible for the reader to get lost. The news or article page is implemented in such a way that it is most convenient for the reader to follow what is written. As for the media content, the user can download any player for video, create a dynamic photo gallery and much more.

If you do not know how to present a news site of any orientation, choose JoomlArt Good. There is a simple and effective solution for everyone.

Compatibility of JA Good with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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