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YooTheme Pro Makai – Download Health and Fitness Template for Joomla

YooTheme Pro Makai – Download Health and Fitness Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

YooTheme Pro Makai - Download Health and Fitness Template for Joomla

Is your business striving forward and only towards victory, no matter what it means? YooTheme Pro Makai Joomla Template is made to show the swiftness of life around.

This template is universal on all sides. Its simplicity and expressive focus on tops and new achievements forms the emphasis of active lifestyle. That is, Makai will revive and express everything related to sports, extreme sports, active pastime and a healthy lifestyle in a wide sense. Whether you are teaching surfing or selling sports nutrition does not matter. Makai will help to realize any goal, and site visitors will definitely take part in this.

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Next, we will look at a few good reasons why the template deserves wide attention. Spoiler: the developers did the impossible to satisfy all possible requests at once. The effect is achieved minimalist and juicy at the same time.

Makai is a template without a clear purpose. It can be adapted for any commercial or informational tasks in the areas described just above. The developers conceived this template as a minimalistic, but flexible business card for presenting a small business or any idea. Private entrepreneurs, startups, public persons should try this.

The developers made all the necessary content to build the site with a minimum of effort. Take basic information and multimedia about yourself, and a unique site will be compiled as soon as possible.

Website’s design creates a refreshing effect. The result was achieved due to a flexible and diverse combination of graphic elements that find unexpected places next to a laconic, overwhelming white background and thin black fonts. The abundance of rectangular shapes of the photo is interspersed with unexpected visual solutions and simple graphic elements in addition to texts.

The developers did not shy away from bold ideas within the minimum workspace and achieved success. The more you look at the design of the template, the more magnificence in its simplicity can be seen. And all this looks modern and dynamic, but not restrained and boring.

YooTheme Pro Makai offers six color scheme options to choose from. They are very diverse. The developers moved away from the general tone and urged the user to think what kind of “dynamics” they should choose. The standard scheme offers a combination of white, navi-blue and black colors that are suitable for “marine” sites.

Four more schemes offer bold combinations of bright colors with white in the background: blue-green and dark blue-green, orange and dark blue-green, raspberry and dark purple, peach and black-brown, respectively. The latter scheme is quite extravagant and offers a black background in combination with dark blue-green and also black page design elements.

Developers offer businesses to practice minimalism, and this will benefit the user in most cases. Each block contains the necessary set of tools that provide the site with selling and informative functions. The user presents the business on the main page (large image + some text), after which the basic information takes up sections of the services provided or features and schedules. If the site is commercial, then the price list will help with the presentation of prices. What else is needed for success? The developers, of course, did not forget about the contact block and the “about us” information section.

If necessary, the user can add to the site 64 stock images on the topic. It is free. Makai is a nice example of a template created to fill a wide number of business niches in a particular field. Small experiments will create any user selling a dream site without any extra effort and with a minimum of tools.

Compatibility of Makai with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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