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RocketTheme Calla – Download Fashion Template for Joomla

RocketTheme Calla – Download Fashion Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

RocketTheme Calla - Download Fashion Template for Joomla

RocketTheme Calla makes business look brighter and more interesting. It is important to have a representation on the Internet if the activities of you and your project resonate with current trends.

The functional elements for creating a holistic view should be presented in large volume, but not too large. The clarity of perception of information should be maintained, especially if the site is acting out for commercial purposes.

All these requirements correspond to the Calla template for Joomla by RocketTheme. This is a functional and convenient solution of the present day. Next, we will consider the features of the template in more detail.

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Calla is a Joomla’s template of a universal use that developers declare as a solution for information sites. For example, it’s all about fashion blogs and websites of technology startups. If necessary, the user has all the useful tools to implement commercial tasks at the site while using this template.

The developer offers a flexible space for site’s building; the user will be able to present any idea in a visual form here and supplement it with a clean presentation of factual information then. All page elements are in place, and there is nothing superfluous. The user will be able to build up a template for each task independently in the form that he expects.

Calla declares visual restraint, which is best revealed in pastel shades. But there is enough passion. A big bet is made on spacious white backgrounds that are complemented by concise blocks (photo, text, video). Content blocks are complemented by simple and elegant graphics with straight lines and shapes, which appear in soft but light colors.

In total, the developers created three color schemes for the user’s choice. Each of them is based on a clean white background with black text. The texts are executed in low-key fonts, and there’s a lot of options to choose from.

The first scheme offers lavender and cucumber colors as additional ones (suitable for a fashion blog). The second scheme uses pale yellow and azure colors; it looks especially interesting for a clothing brand business card website. The third scheme is the intersection of the tangerine and the same cucumber colors. It can be used for a small fashion online store.

But this does not mean that each of the color schemes has a strictly unique purpose. Choose the option that looks best in your situation. All schemes are available to the user together. Let’s finish the review with the functional base of the template. There are a lot of interesting things.

First of all, RocketTheme Calla offers several options for arranging text on pages, including options with a left and right sidebar. There are several options for presenting headers, and the function buttons are made in a simple format to match the color scheme.

The developers gave the necessary minimum of pages to allow the user to present their goals and services, or to sell products. In addition to the main page, the information page “about us” is available here. This page includes blocks of team’s presentation and the section breakdown (mission, history, business objectives, and so on). A minimalistic price list of services, a stylish catalog of projects (portfolio), a blog section, contacts and technical pages (offline, 404 and so on) are also available.

If you are looking for a stable Joomla template with a focus on fashion, style and startups in related areas, then Calla will fit well. This is a combination of simplicity and restraint with a mild boldness of visual presentation, as well as structural minimalism with a dense presentation of information. You will make a simple site that will give the user comprehensive information.

Compatibility of Calla with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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