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JA City Guide – Download Travel and Tour Guide Joomla Template

JA City Guide – Download Travel and Tour Guide Joomla Template My rating: 5 out of 5

JA City Guide - Download Travel and Tour Guide Joomla Template

Everything in the hands of the traveler with Joomla Template JA City Guide. Traveling is the meaning of life for a huge number of people. Perhaps this hobby has always been popular.

However, trips to other countries and places began to play with different colors at the moment when the Internet appeared to search for information, from choosing travel destinations to the last details of each trip taken.

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What is convenient for a tourist when he decides to go to a new city, resort or recreation area? The ability to organize all the components of the trip is as simple, fast and clear as possible. He needs to put all the steps on the shelves in order to feel comfortable sitting on a train, plane, bus or ship which is going to destination point.

How to solve his problems quickly? Bingo! He must complete all the actions on one site: select a route, select dates and flights, select and book hotels, find the best local cuisine, places of nightlife and/or museums, buy tickets for events, book tourist equipment, find out all the important tourist information and so on.

JA City Guide template for Joomla by JoomlArt is created to solve all issues without running through different sites. One global task equals one solution. And this will be your website.

Tour Guide is a special template for sites that provide travel services in a specific region or resort. The user can get comprehensive information about all aspects of potential travel through the site’s navigation system.

The site will include a selection of information about the best places to live and rest, tell about the features of tourism for the region and so on. The tourist will solve all questions about the trip “in one place”.

The template is suitable for companies that organize travel. This is especially true for small firms with copyright tours and a deep immersion in the region. Let’s just say for non-pop travels.

Convenient and concise site construction with an emphasis on search and site selection complements the functional splendor. It’s nice to stay at its pages. And it’s even more pleasant to come up with a dream journey in a few simple steps.

Openness and freedom are indicators of tourism. The developers of the template have found a middle ground between simplicity and spectacularity. The user will not get lost on the site, but will be impressed by the holistic and dynamic layout of the content.

The graphics and animation are thrown aside mostly. Only expressive photos and video integration are held in high esteem. Here, only blocks of white background, monochromatic calm colors, or rich photographs are available. If you combine this in any order, you get a fully functional and convenient site. Even a beginner will master the construction of the site.

Fonts are readable, white, gray, or black, depending on location. All multimedia units effectively and clearly demonstrate what is required of them.

The site is optimized for all mobile devices. It looks beautiful in any resolution. The developers have done serious work on optimization, and only this fact makes the user of the template one step ahead of most competitors.

The main focus is on the search bar. Adding content to the site (cards of places, goods, etc.) is very simple. The user has all the elements for building a one-page or multi-page website, which makes it possible to create a solid network of local entertainment venues, local travel agencies and hotels.

The user can create a home page with a search bar, a collection of services by category (including the section of the most popular places), a description of the site, a video presentation, a block “how it works”, a blog, contacts and so on. As you can see, the opportunities for customizing the structure have practically no limits.

JA City Guide allows you to create a travel site aggregator for everyone. In perspective, this is a simple site that provides tremendous user experience.

Compatibility of JA City Guide with Joomla

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