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YooTheme Pro Balou – Download Beauty and Fashion Template for Joomla

YooTheme Pro Balou – Download Beauty and Fashion Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

YooTheme Pro Balou - Download Beauty and Fashion Template for Joomla

YooTheme Pro Balou will give tenderness to your website, regardless of its subject. Cleanliness, endurance, lightness, airiness characterizes the Balou template for Joomla by YooTheme.

This is a universal solution for information and commercial sites of various kinds. It is perfect for sites on children’s subjects or clothing. A good example of this is the blog of a child psychologist or an online store of a women’s clothing brand. But do not limit yourself to these ideas. You can adapt this template to any task that resonates with its soft visual presentation.

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The developers have provided quality support and an abundance of valuable functional elements. The user will be able to “assemble” the site from the blocks in almost any convenient way. You have no limits to imagine of how the site should be and implement it. Just select Balou and discover a lot.

Balou is a one-page website template for Jumla. It is characterized by an assembly design of predefined information blocks of various types.

The developers combined gracefully and small number of functional items, so the user can tune a fully functional website for any purpose. A clear and transparent structure, seasoned with an open and spacious visual design, will throw away any barriers to the visitor’s attention.

In addition, Balou is optimized for mobile devices and presents information on the screen of any type confidently. A first-class business card website, mini-online store or storefront for Etsy or any other global trading platform starts here.

Lightness and non-intrusiveness permeate Balou’s design ideas from the first to the last element. But this does not mean that the template loses confidence in the presence of the reader. Everything is done so that the user sees the required information, which is framed by pleasant surroundings around.

Delicate pastel colors, light cartoonish graphic elements, clean texture create a voluminous and holistic impression that fits perfectly into the visual taste of “female” and family themes.

The developers offer six options for the color scheme. Each of them corresponds to the general ideas of ​​the site, but has its own identity. If you try each of the options in turn, you will understand clearly which one is definitely yours.

Each template has two primary colors. Background colors are pale (but not white). It is pale blue, light gray, pale green, pale burgundy, cold beige and warm beige. The secondary colors are thicker and brighter, these are dark indigo, brown, dark brown-gray, dull dark maroon, blue-green and red, respectively.

As mentioned above, YooTheme Pro Balou was created for sales and information sites without reference to a specific task. The template is applicable for small online stores, business cards, private services and information sites.

Versatility is provided by just eight block options for building a one-page site. A homepage block occupies more than one screen and is characterized by a focus on visual elements. The dense arrangement of large-format photos provides a powerful and holistic effect at a glance.

The developers also offer two portfolio options, a product / service page, a service catalog, an “about us” page, frequently asked questions and a contact data block. For example, a user can build an online children’s clothing store on the principle of “main – products (+ product cards) – about us – FAQ – contacts” or a website for a child psychologist on the principle “main – about us – service catalog – portfolio – FAQ – contacts». That is, the opportunities are obviously flexible.

A nice bonus is a set of almost 60 high-resolution photos to fill the site (blog posts, background images, and so on). Women’s, children’s and any other topics of the sites under the pastel colors will find a haven with Balou. The developers have created a universal template with a minimum of resources involved.

Compatibility of Balou with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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