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JA Mason – Download Business Template for Joomla

JA Mason – Download Business Template for Joomla My rating: 5 out of 5

JA Mason - Download Business Template for Joomla

JA Mason template for Joomla makes companies looks perfect. Suppose you have a business or idea that needs a presentation. The riot of colors and freedom of fonts is unacceptable to create a holistic view of the company. The only exception, unless you are organizing children’s parties. But here we are talking about serious things.

You need a clear and concise business card site. No frills, just a clean presentation of thought and offer. A minimum of pages, colors and blocks, but all this should be boring. Modern forms are welcome, and the high technical quality of the template will allow you to distance yourself from potential competitors.

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All this is possible. We recommend that you pay attention to the Mason template for Joomla by JoomlArt, which takes business presentation to a new level of elegant conciseness. Let’s see what’s inside.

JA Mason is a simple and stylish template for a company presentation or startup. Perfectly suits the sphere of high technologies, finance, investments and other strict niches. The template is characterized by minimalism, which manifests itself in functional content and design. At the same time, Mason contains everything you need to create a fully-functional business card website for a small company, which informs the visitor and brings the conversion to action as necessary. It is enough to create a quality offer, and they will come to you.

The developers declare that the template meets all modern standards and adaptive criteria. This means that your visitors to view pages from any device with convenience, and search engines will not send you back to graze due to the slowness of the website.

The developers made a decisive bet on the restraint of the visual presentation of the site. And this is an obvious decision. It is unlikely that a potential client or partner (visitor to the site) would like to see the blinking animation and all the shades of the color palette.

The simplicity of the visual component solves everything and forms a solid presentation of the offer. In total, two color schemes are available, black-white and white-black. The differences are in contrasting backgrounds and fonts. In the first case, contrasting juicy black colors fill the blocks of the template pages, and the restrained, thin white text successfully fits into the minimum space that is allocated to it. Or, the background may be more traditional white with totally readable black letters, words and sentences. The template offers significantly more free space than piling up semantic content, by the way.

Solid backgrounds are appropriately diluted with photographs for the backgrounds of individual blocks, which provides dynamics to the pages during scrolling. Concise elements are made in yellow or red, respectively, but they occupy an absolute minimum of space and only pleasantly emphasize the focus of the selected mood.

The user can create a simple one-page or multi-page website with a minimum of functional elements. Moreover, such a selection of blocks will be enough to arouse the interest of the reader. Everything is implemented at a very high level of presentation.

The user can add the main screen, description of the company, blocks of advantages and services, cases and portfolio, team, partners, contacts. All necessary technical pages are available. Menus can be placed vertically or horizontally. If necessary, there is compatibility with languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are written from right to left.

A blog is an important component of a corporate website, and visitors will be able to get the necessary information with great convenience due to the simple and convenient implementation of this section.

JA Mason allows you to create a quick and convenient company website that attracts the user’s attention and prevents them from being distracted by unnecessary things. This is a simple and elegant, and perhaps the most effective solution in its category.

Compatibility of JA Mason with Joomla

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.x Compatible

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